About Us

Every person at some point in their life is faced with dilemmas, be it regarding their career, their relationships, self-confidence etc. Many a times these problems result in stress and anxiety as well. With everybody being busy and preoccupied in their own lives and with their own problems, it is not always possible to share and be empathetic to others. We often look for the right outlet to vent our apprehensions and problems.

Precious Talk strives to be that friend and listener. We motivate people and inspire them to live a more fulfilled life. People may find it difficult to go to a professional and get help for their day to day problems. They may even find it time consuming, expensive and often times a taboo consulting a professional for their problems. Precious Talk tries to bridge this gap by giving everyone the opportunity to interact with a professional psychologist within fraction of the time and that too for free. Our ultimate goal is to empower people to live a better and happier life.

You can post your problems at our Sharing Corner and our psychologist will reply to you via email. We also have a Live Chat facility where our psychologist will interact with you once every month.